ParCIO at ISC-HPC 2021

02.07.2021 -  

Our group was busy at ISC-HPC 2021, taking part in a wide range of activities and presenting our work.

On June 24, Michael K. was part of the Spack tutorial. Spack is a package manager for supercomputers and allows installing complex software stacks.

On June 28, Michael K. was part of the birds-of-a-feather session for Spack, where Spack's current state and wishes by users were discussed.

On June 30, Kira presented a poster about our project CoSEMoS, which couples self-describing data formats and storage systems for improved performance and data management possibilities. More information about CoSEMoS is available on our website.

On July 2, Michael B. attended the C3PO workshop and presented our paper “heimdallr: Improving Compile Time Correctness Checking for Message Passing with Rust”. Meanwhile, Michael K. was part of the High Performance Container Workshop and discussed the use of containers in an education context.

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