The first chapters should use generally understandable terms, while later chapters can introduce and make use of technical terms. Each chapter should contain a short introduction and a summary.

The number of pages depends on the type of thesis. While a bachelor's thesis is usually in the 40-50 page range, a master's thesis often has around 80-100 pages. We also provide a LaTeX template for theses.

The colloquium consists of a 20-25 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer session.


  1. Abstract (1 page)
    • A short version of the whole thesis
  2. Introduction (5–10%)
    • Motivates and introduces the overall thesis
      • “This thesis makes the following major contributions…”
      • “… is completely new because of …”
    • Outlines the structure
      • “The remainder of the thesis is organized as follows...”
  3. Background/State of the Art (10–20%)
    • A collection of background information necessary to understand the rest of the thesis
  4. Design and Implementation (25–35%)
  5. Related Work (5–10%)
    • Presents similar works and compares them to the approach taken in the thesis
  6. Evaluation (25–35%)
    • Detailed description of the test environment
    • Interpretation of obtained results
  7. Conclusion and Future Work (5–10%)

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