Enhancing OpenMP for Parallelizing Input/Output in Shared Memory Applications

OpenMP has become a cornerstone for parallelizing computations in shared-memory environments. However, a crucial aspect often overlooked is the parallelization of input and output (I/O) operations within applications. This topic aims to explore the untapped potential of extending OpenMP to parallelize the serial aspects of I/O operations in shared-memory applications.


Research Component

  • Conduct a comprehensive literature review on existing parallelization strategies for I/O operations for shared memory systems.
  • Utilize code search engines (e.g., for GitHub) to identify serial applications with potential for I/O parallelization.
  • Evaluate current practices and challenges related to I/O operations in shared-memory applications.

Development Component

  • Introduce a novel pragma to OpenMP for recalculating file offsets and managing file handlers in parallel.
  • Develop a proof-of-concept implementation showcasing the effectiveness of the proposed pragma.
  • Implement necessary modifications to OpenMP runtime to support the new parallelization approach.

Contact: Michael Kuhn and Anna Fuchs

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